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Pay Concierge Fee​

We charge a $500 concierge fee for structuring, coordinating and locking-in your deal.  All deal terms are communicated by us upfront before any concierge fee payment is made by you. We accept all major credit cards (powered by Stripe).


  • We offer a 100% refund of our concierge fee if quoted pricing is not honored by our participating dealership (discount and money factor/finance rate).

  • We offer a 50% refund of our concierge fee for backing out under any and all circumstances including your credit rating impacting the quoted payment, not qualifying for incentives you claimed, or a denial of credit from BMW financial/bank.

  • Quotes we provide assume tier 1 credit (700+). Your payments will adjust if credit is not approved at tier 1 (rate would adjust based on your credit tier).

  • Your order cannot be changed once locked by the participating dealership.

  • Dealership estimates provided in our quote around tax and registration fees may slightly vary as a result of actual tax and registration costs.

  • Any deposit you may be required to make to a participating dealership has its own terms and conditions (set by the dealership) which are communicated upfront before you lock-in your quote/deal and pay our concierge fee.

Secure Payment Form

Directions: $500 is entered by default in the payment amount field below (amount can be changed if instructed to by one of our Lease Deal Advisors). Enter your contact information and click the Go to Checkout button.  Confirm your contact details and enter your payment details then click Pay Now. We accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover card.


Say NO to MSRP. 
Say NO to Dealer Haggling.
Say YES to Maximum Savings!

Online doesn’t have to mean impersonal – with BMW Lease Deals you can talk to real people.

We are driven to provide top-notch customer service and to make your perfect BMW lease deal happen!

Call or TEXT us: (410) 216-1606

BMW Deal Support
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