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Exclusive Lease Deals.
No Dealership Hassle.
No Dealership Markups.

Maximum Savings.

X5 BMW Lease Deal

BMW Lease Deals

At BMW Lease Deals we offer buyers exclusive access to overstock BMW dealership new cars, service loaners or build allocations of up to 20% OFF MSRP. These deep discounts are in addition to manufacturer rebates and incentives you may qualify for.  Our customers save thousands of dollars and get the BEST BMW lease deal possible with no hidden fees or dealership mark-ups -- all stress free and with zero hassle!  Nationwide shipping is available utilizing our large network of auto carriers who provide our customer special pricing.

VIP Concierge Service - $500 Per Lease Deal


Leasing a new BMW often means negotiating and haggling at the Dealership, which takes hours of your time -- and possibly not getting the best lease deal possible.  At BMW Lease Deals, just sit back and relax while one of our Lease Deal Advisors does all the work for you. From locating, negotiating, finalizing paperwork and scheduling delivery or shipping, we handle it all.

Our VIP Concierge Service costs $500 plus an optional shipping fee (if you decide you do not want to pick-up at the participating dealership or do a performance center delivery).

To get started, click the Free Quote Request button below.  One of our Lease Deals Advisors will review your requirements and produce for you a full lease deal quote.

❌ Without Our VIP Concierge Service

Do It Yourself

✅ With Our VIP Concierge Service

We Do It For You

BMW Deals

How It Works 

We make it easy to get your next BMW lease -- 100% from home with zero Dealership hassle.  Here is how we manage the entire process for you:

  1. Call or TEXT us at (410) 216-1606 to get started - We will figure out your preferences and answer questions you may have. You can also complete our Free Quote Request form which will save some time in setting up your customer profile.

  2. Locate your BMW - We search our network of BMW Dealerships to find a BMW that fits your needs. We can explain all the choices/options and can even help you with a BMW build option if you choose.

  3. We negotiate for you - We have exclusive pre-negotiated discounts in place, however, we will work on your behalf to get the maximum lease deal possible.

  4. No hidden fees or add-ons - We provide you a full lease deal quote that is fully transparent and contains no hidden fees or excessive dealership mark-ups.

  5. Collect VIP Concierge FeeWe charge a $500 VIP Concierge Fee for structuring, coordinating and locking-in your BMW lease deal.  All lease deal terms are communicated by us upfront before any payment is made by you.

  6. Finalize paperwork - We coordinate with the participating Dealership your finalized lease deal transaction.

  7. Take delivery - You can take delivery of your new BMW at the participating dealership, BMW performance center or have it shipped to you (additional shipping fee is quoted/applies).


Sell or Trade Your Car

Did you know that we can buy your car 100% online, hassle free?  You can either keep the cash equity or put it towards your new BMW lease deal.  Some benefits to our car buying program:

  • Get Top Offers - Access multiple top offers through our verified nationwide network of wholesalers and Dealership groups.

  • Online Convenience - No trips to the Dealership.  We handle the whole process 100% from your home.

  • You Have Full Control - You maintain full control over the sale of your car.  Pricing is transparent and there is no pressure to sell.

  • Trade-In Option - When you also do a lease deal with us, we build your trade into the lease deal to maximize your savings that results in the best lease deal possible.

Call or TEXT us at (410) 216-1606 for more information on selling or trading in your current car with us.


Lease Turn In / Lease Purchase

Have an existing car lease?  We can provide you with a smooth transition out of your current lease into your new BMW lease deal. You can also sell us your current lease early and cash out any equity that may exist on the lease. 

Call or TEXT us at (410) 216-1606 for more information on auto brands that we can handle lease turn in's or purchases on.

Alex Y.

“I sent in a quote request and they found me a great lease deal on a new BMW X3 within 2 days. Highly recommend!"

Morgan J.

"I saved over $4,000+ on my new BMW X5 lease. It was a painless process start to finish."

Lisa D.

“I got a new build done on a BMW X7.  I saved 8% off MSRP on my new lease - WOW. They did a great job, thanks! ”

Say NO to MSRP. 
Say NO to Dealer Haggling.
Say YES to Maximum Savings!

Online doesn’t have to mean impersonal – with BMW Lease Deals you can talk to real people.

We are driven to provide top-notch customer service and to make your perfect BMW lease deal happen!

Call or TEXT us: (410) 216-1606

BMW Deal Support
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